Get Tickets for the Filipino Comedy Tour. Featuring: Joey Guila, Ron Josol, Keith Pedro, Michael Quu, Rembrandt, special guest Comedian/Magician Justin Rivera, and DJ R1CKONE.

July 21, 2015


Please support the Foundation and the Balboa Park Centennial 2015 Philippine American Celebration! Jois us for The Filipino Comedy Tour San Diego on Saturday, August 29th, at The Comedy Palace with 8pm and 10pm, featuring comedians Joey Guila, Ron Josol, Keith Pedro, Michael Quu, Rembrandt, special guest Comedian/Magician Justin Rivera, and DJ R1CKONE.

The Filipino Comedy Tour featuring comedians Joey Guila, Ron Josol, Keith Pedro, Michael Quu, Rembrandt, special guest Comedian/Magician Justin Rivera, and DJ R1CKONE

The Comedy Palace
8878 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
San Diego CA 92123

The Filipino Comedy Tour tickets: $25 (18 & Over)
Military & Students with ID: $20
LaughTime: 8pm and 10pm
After Party $10 starting at 11:30pm
Current Offer: Buy 5 tix & get 1 FREE

Fundraiser supporting the Foundation and PACC

Tix, Info & Qs: Contact BPC2015PAC at (619) 477-3383 or


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Larry Itliong Day Press Release 2015

July 6, 2015
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Conserve your electricity today!

July 2, 2015

As an SDG&E Energy Solutions Partner we are spreading the word that “TODAY IS A FLEX ALERT DAY!” Please do your part to help conserve energy. Learn more at

Facebook –

Flex Alert

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Operation Samahan’s Open House

July 1, 2015

Our friends at Operation Samahan are inviting you to their upcoming Open House this July 7th @ 4:00-6:00pm at their National City Clinic building. Light food and refreshments will be provided with a tour of our facilities, meet and greet with the staff!

If you’re not able to make it, we will also have an Open House at our Mira Mesa clinic on Thursday, July 9th with the same hours.

Facebook Event Page:

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Splish! Splash! Your Summer to Cool Energy Savings

June 30, 2015


Energy Solutions Partners Message:  June 2015
Make a Splash with New Pool Equipment Rebates
As a pool owner, you enjoy a clean pool, but did you know that the energy needed to run a filtration pump and pool cleaner can be a significant part of your monthly energy bill?

By replacing your single-speed or two speed pump and hydraulic cleaner with more efficient models, you can maintain a sparkling swimming pool while lowering your costs.

Splash offers rebates for installing qualifying energy efficient variable-speed pool pumps, as well as a new rebate for robotic pool cleaners.

Care For Your Cool
In San Diego, we use our air conditioner in the summer and heater in the winter.
The AC Quality Care Program provides residents with specially trained and skilled
contractors to perform year-round Quality Maintenance of your heating and
cooling system to help ensure a reliable and energy-efficient operation.

With a $250 initial rebate, SDG&E customers are eligible to receive a System
Assessment & Improvement for $50, a service designed to increase indoor
comfort, air quality and energy efficiency. How cool is that!?

Summer Saving Tips

  • Set your air conditioner to 78 degrees or higher. Changing the A/C from 72 to 78 degrees can save up to 12% of your cooling costs.
  • Switch to fans when you can. Use a portable or ceiling fan instead of A/C when you can comfortably do so.
  • Freshen A/C filters regularly. Make sure the filter in your central A/C is so it runs more efficiently.
  • Weatherstrip and caulk drafty doors and windows to keep conditioned air and save up to 5% on cooling costs.
  • Power down equipment. Use power strips or unplug electronics such as game consoles and TVs that draw power even when switched off.
  • Make the light choice. When you replace lights, products such as LEDs and CFLs.
  • Use a pool or spa cover.  Covers can reduce heat loss by up to 90%.
  • Filter your swimming pool for less when you switch to variable-speed pool pump and get one of our rebates.
  • Block direct sunlight. Close window coverings, or use solar reflective films, awnings or trees to shade exposed windows.
  • Target your top opportunities to save energy and money with the energy management tools you’ll find in My Account.

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Save The Date!

May 1, 2015

Save the Date for OCTOBER 10, 2015 for this years FilAmFest!

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Itliong-VeraCruz Memorial Bridge (CA-54)

April 30, 2015


Mga kaibigan (Friends), the time has come to pay respect to two unsung heroes in our community! Please take the time out of your day to support the building of the Itliong VeraCruz Bridge on Woodman and the 54!

Visit their page to learn more and go to to donate to this cause!

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To fellow Senior Class of 2015!

April 29, 2015

Here’s a great opportunity to be honored. View this article for more details:

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Upgrade Your Way into Energy Savings

April 2, 2015

///////SDG&E APRIL POST///////
Here’s yet another post from our wonderful friends at SDG&E:———————————

Whether you rent or own, income qualified customers are eligible to receive free energy-efficient home improvements. Connect someone you know today.

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Spring into Energy Savings

March 7, 2015


Spring time means home and yard improvement projects. Get your home inside and out ready for the season with these helpful tips.

Inside the home

Discovering how and what is using energy in your home is the first step to understanding where your biggest energy-saving opportunities lie. Take SDG&E’s energy survey and get a customized report with energy-saving recommendations.

• Simply log into

• Click on the “My Energy” tab

• Click on My Energy Survey.

For more information and a step-by-step guide. Click here.

Outside the Home

Planning to plan a tree or install a fence or deck? WAIT! Here’s what you need to know first. Homeowners often make risky assumptions about whether or not they should get their utility lines marked, but every digging job requires a call – even small projects like planting trees and shrubs. Gas pipelines can be located anywhere – under streets, sidewalks and yes even in your yard. Damaging a pipeline can cause a dangerous break or leak, can disrupt service to an entire neighborhood and can result in injury or expense.

Calling 811 before every digging job gets your underground utility lines marked for free and helps prevent undesired consequences. For more information about staying safe visit .

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