FilAmFest Organizing Committee Application
"Run" with the FilAmFest Organizing Committee (FAFOC) on the road to another historic event. Become a part of a diverse, vibrant, and energetic team with the goal of building a great event for the community. Thank you for your interest in joining the FilAmFest Organizing Committee! General Responsibilities of Members: FAFOC members will recruit volunteers, generate leads to funding, sponsors, and performers, solicit vendors, promote the FilAmFest and affiliated events to their networks, develop partnerships with other entities, and provide reports to the rest of the organizing committee.
Staff members may hold more than one position in the FAFOC. 
When you join the FilAmFest Organizing Committee you will have the opportunity to participate in at least one of our 5 Departments:
The Administration Department is responsible for the management of the entire festival. Provide communication between the Organizing Committee, Festival Chair, and Advisory Council. Record minutes. Schedule and secure meeting locations. Negotiates, reviews, and approves all contracts and memorandums of understandings. Reviews and approves all purchasing recommendations. Review and approve department budgets. Provide reports to the rest of the organizing committee. Maintains the bookkeeping and budgeting. Approves purchasing. Resolves conflicts and maintains a equitable working atmosphere. Exercises executive ability when needed. Coordinator staff development activities. Perform historian duties. Perform accounting and record keeping. Research and develop technology and communication systems. Facilitates internal communication. Develop and coordinate Intern and Mentorship Program. Perform special projects as needed.  Positions in Administration:
  • Festival Chair
  • Festival Director
  • Assistant Festival Director
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Management Analyst
  • Intern
The Fund Development Department is responsible for the raising of funds for the entire festival. Identify, pursue, and negotiate sponsors. Create, organize, and coordinate methods to generate revenue. Reviews and negotiates contracts. Reports funding and in-kind services and product to the Admin Dept for final approval. Coordinate a raffle program including soliciting and rewarding prizes by confirming winning ticket. Solicit advertising to vendors, business, organizations, etc. Maintain relationship with sponsors. Develop, promote, and maintain Friends of FilAmFest individual Donor campaign. Provide reports to the rest of the organizing committee.  Positions in Fund Development:
  • Fund Development Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Fund Development Assistant
The Logistics Department is responsible for the logistics of the entire festival. Secure permits with government departments. Solicit for bids on all material and equipment that will be needed for the festival. Process, approve, and track all vendors and contractors. Prepare contractor recommendations to Admin Dept for final approval. Coordinate the Volunteer Program. Coordinate security, parking, traffic, and site map.  Positions in Logistics:
  • Logistics Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Vendor Coordinator
  • Volunteer Program Coordinator
  • Logistics Assistant
The Marketing Department is responsible for the marketing of the entire festival and distribution of information about the FilAmFest and its partner organizations and collaborative events. Design and distribute all electronic and print collateral for the event. Coordinate with all avenues of media. Plan, organize, and implement special events. Promote festival programs, sponsors, performers, vendors, etc.  Positions in Marketing:
  • Marketing Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Assistant
The Program Department is responsible for developing the programs of the entire festival. Develop and manage festival program areas. Reviews and negotiates contracts and memorandums of understandings. Identify and pursue performers. Process, approve, and track all performers. Coordinate a scholarship program and college fair. Coordinate youth activities. Coordinate health activities and programs. Coordinate games area. Plan and organize an art exhibit and competition. Coordinate Senior Citizen program. Coordinate new programs as they arise.  Positions in Programs:
  • Program Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Program Coordinator
    • [At least one of the areas of: Entertainment, Art, Health, Scholarships, Youth, Culture, Senior Citizen]
  • Program Assistant

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