Kwento Spaces

Using storytelling to bridge generations of Filipinos
through traditional culinary presentation

KS logoThe Filipino-American community is the 2nd largest “immigrant group” in San Diego County. Many Filipino Americans, especially 1st and 2nd generation youth, experience social alienation and detachment of cultural spaces in new environments. The culture shock of migrating from a lifestyle where interaction and kwento occurs on a daily basis can affect one’s well-being.

The goal of Kwento Spaces is to build and strengthen relationships between the different generational groups of the Filipino American community. The aim is twopronged: recreate the kwento spaces for the senior citizen population and fostering the oral practice of transferring traditional practices and history to a younger generation of Filipino Americans, all centered on the art of food preparation of traditional Filipino dishes.

Kwento Spaces is a series of inter-generational workshops, designed to bridge Filipino generations through traditional food preparation and storytelling by community elders. Participants will learn how to cook a traditional dish while learning about the experiences and customs of a particular Philippine region.


Kwento Spaces
Saturday, October 26, 2013
Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center
11:00am – 1:00pm

Using storytelling to bridge generations of Filipinos through traditional culinary presentation, our dynamic guest chef, Gina Saclauso-Caro, returns to OlivewoodGardens & LearningCenter for our fourth installment of Kwento Spaces. We turn our focus to the region of Ilo Ilo with the featured recipe of Pancit Molo. Space is limited. Open to all ages, including children and parents. Reserve your seat at the table in advance: 

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