“Theyre Watching” releases March 25. A major independent horror film Produced by a Filipino American from San Diego

March 21, 2016

theyre_watching_xlg“They’re Watching” is a horror/comedy thriller set in a small Eastern European village. Where old traditions and old superstitions are more abundant than coffee shops and free wi-fi. An American tv crew is filming a home improvement show where they quickly learn how hunting houses in the wrong place can flip into houses hunting you. See the trailer below.

The film is Produced by Mark Lagrimas. An up and coming producer in the entertainment industry and a fellow San Diegan from around the block. His friend since their college days at UCLA, Jonathan Wandag, was the film’s musical composer. Take some time to watch the film this friday and tell your friends. We will be hearing more from both Mark Lagrimas and Jonathan Wandag in the future as FilAmFest revamps itself to further support Filipinos in Art and Culture projects throughout San Diego.

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Mark Lagrimas (Producer)
Mark worked as an executive producer and financial consultant in Central and South America for several years, lending his services to the 1st Annual Panama Film Festival, as well as numerous local and international film productions.Mark has worked as an analyst for CBS Television, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The Disney Channel, and ABC Studios, where he was entrusted with the analysis, archiving, tracking, reporting, and distribution of the studio’s most sensitive information. Mark has completed projects for several different global and Los Angeles studio departments, including marketing, publicity, consumer products, theatrical sales, network & cable television sales, television archives, and ad sales. Mark graduated from the University of California Los Angeles, with a double B.A. in Political Science and Asian American Studies, and a minor in Southeast Asian Studies.

Jonathan Wandag (Composer)
World of Wandag (Jonathan Wandag) is a full-blooded Igorot Kalinga. He’s also a film score and multi-media composer based in L.A.

He started out by composing music for small Independent shorts / films and animations. One of the student films he worked on, Dragon Boy, won the ACADEMY AWARD Gold, in Best Student Animation. This catapulted his career and now he works with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Some of his past clients include Access Hollywood, Insomniac Games, E.A., Survivor: Caramoan, XBOX, Fuse TV, WWE, Giselle Toengi, and more.  Currently he is composing music for Insomniac’s new release, Song of the Deep (a multi-platform game on Playstation, Xbox, and PC).

Jonathan graduated from the University of California Los Angeles, with a B.S. in Musicology.

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